Inlay + Onlay

Inlays and onlays repair moderately decayed teeth or cracked teeth which are not damaged enough to need a crown, but too damaged to require a filling. They are a more affordable option than our Dental Crowns and preserve more of your natural tooth. Inlays and onlays can be crafted from either porcelain or composite resin.

About Inlays and Onlays

Common uses for inlays and onlays are replacing old, worn, and used fillings. Unlike fillings or bondings, inlays and onlays must be specifically designed and crafted, and then bonded to the tooth. Inlays function similarly to fillings, in that they are bonded inside the cusp tips of the tooth. Onlays on the other hand, cover the outer edge of the tooth.

If you are interested in receiving inlays or onlays, you can book an appointment with our South San Jose dentist Dr. Dilber Sraon who we will help determine which treatment is right for you. Please feel free to give us a call us at 408.227.1404 or email us to book a consultation with Dr. Sraon.