Dental Filling

Fillings serve to replace decay in a tooth and replace it with a substitute material. Materials used for fillings can be metal, composite resin, or porcelain. In the past, metal was the most common form of tooth filling, but today, other materials are more common due to their increased availability and affordability. Fillings can be colored the same way as your teeth to not be noticeable. We can fill a cavity with a tooth-colored filling, or replace existing metal fillings.

Disadvantages of Metal Fillings (Amalgam)

Despite amalgam fillings being a common way to treat cavities in the past, there are several controversies about them today. Amalgam fillings are easily noticeable, and take away from the cosmetic aspect of your teeth. Additionally, amalgam fillings may further damage your teeth. Because amalgam contracts and expands when exposed to temperature differences, there is a risk of the tooth cracking. Oftentimes when designing a smile makeover, the presence of amalgam fillings is the first thing we address.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are made of durable material which doesn’t damage a tooth the way an amalgam filling would. Tooth-colored materials are temperature resistant, so they don’t expand and contract with hot and cold. Tooth-colored fillings have many advantages over amalgam fillings. From a cosmetic perspective, a tooth-colored filling is almost indistinguishable from your natural tooth, and therefore far more attractive. There is very little reason to choose an amalgam filling over a tooth-colored one today.

Materials Used for Tooth-Colored Fillings

The following materials are used for tooth-colored fillings, each with their own benefits.

Porcelain: The utmost top-quality choice. Porcelain is biocompatible, temperature resistant, and highly durable.

Composite Ceramic: Made of a material called BellGlass™, or other durable, biocompatible materials. Our composite ceramic is far more durable and longer lasting than other composite materials.

Dr. Dilber Sraon and his South San Jose dental practice are dedicated to protecting your teeth and giving you your ideal smile. If your teeth have been damaged by cavities or you’re looking to replace amalgam fillings, contact us at 408.227.1404 for a consultation to learn how tooth-colored fillings can improve your smile.