Teeth Whitening

A white smile is the pinnacle of attractiveness. And thankfully at our dental practice, achieving it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enhance its appearance. One visit is all it takes to look and feel younger!

Because the natural color of teeth usually falls within light-greyish to yellow shades, after being in the presence of food, beverages, and nicotine, they can become unrecognizable from the pearly whites they once were. This can be a blow to a patient’s confidence, and they may be ashamed of their smile.

Thankfully, Dilber Sraon, DDS’s office works to improve the whiteness of our patients’ teeth, giving them their confidence back. We offer a variety of whitening treatments which range from in-office, to at-home treatments. Our procedures may vary depending on how white you want your teeth. You can get glistening white teeth after a single visit!

How Long Will the Results Last?

A multitude of factors affect the color of teeth, therefore it can’t be certain how long your teeth will stay white. Lifestyle factors are one of the major causes of teeth losing their whiteness. Even if we whiten your teeth, drinks such as coffee and red wine, or habits such as smoking may stain your teeth again, causing discoloration. That said, repeated visits to our office will help keep teeth white. We also offer whitening trays to maintain the whiteness of teeth at home between appointments.

Please feel free to call us at 408.227.1404 or email us to make an appointment with our South San Jose Dentist Dr. Dilber Sraon and learn how to keep those pearly whites!